Winter Thirds - Seven Sisters
Welcome Back - Beachy Head
Under a Full Moon - Birling Gap
Thirds - Seven Sisters
The Watchers - Beachy Head
Warm Frost - Cuckmere Haven
The Struggle - Birling Gap
The Gathering - Birling Gap
The Collector - Belle Tout Lighthouse
The Rush - Birling Gap
The Present - Belle Tout Lighthouse
Sunset at the Lighthouse - Beachy Head
The Start of a Boat - Birling Gap
Standing Strong - Seaford
Setting Orange - Birling Gap
Private Show - The Seven Sisters
Barred - Birling Gap
Neon Tumbleweed - Birling Gap
Murky Water - Birling Gap
Morning Thirds - The Seven Sisters
The Mighty Seven - THe Seven Sisters
Beach Bar - Brighton
Living on the Edge - Belle Tout
Remember - Belle Tout
Desertion - Birling Gap
Contemplation - Belle Tout
Fish Brains - Birling Gap
The End of the Begining - Birling Gap
Encased Light - Brighton
Immerse - Birling Gap
Deliberation - Birling Gap
Daisy - Belle Tout
Colours - Birling Gap
Cold Beauty - Birling Gap
Burning Stream - Beachy Head
Breathless - Beachy Head
Bold - Birling Gap
The Boiler - Birling Gap
The Beautiful End - Beachy Head
A New Begining - The Seven Sisters
Along the Fence - The Seven Sisters